Welcome to in the buff, which is a fansite of, bizarrely, microfibre tubes.

Bought my first Buff at Beaulieu Motorcycle World in July 2000 (Mali Graphite, if you’re interested!). It was also the first time I drove an Aixam…. I now no longer own the Aixam, but I have a LOT more Buffs. I got the landmark 50th Buff on 8th September 2006 (Vacas Mar).

I’m a fan, and a bit of a collector!  In Time Out they had interviews where one of the questions was “what brand wouldn’t you be seen without” – well for me it’s Buff.  I’ve always got one to hand (or head, or hair, or neck…).

How many do I have? I get asked that a lot. Depends if you include things like hats and promo items. I usually go with “over eighty” because that’s how many Original Buffs I have, at last count.

Have a look at my collection – see the link above.  And because this site was started mainly so that people who know me could buy me a Buff and be sure it’s not one I’ve already got, I’ve added a “wish list” of some of the ones I’d like to have…

So what’s a “Buff” then? Imagine a stretchy cloth tube about 45 cm long and 25 cm wide when flat.  Doesn’t sound terribly impressive so far I know, but if I were to tell you that they come in a range of funky colours, and that your original Buff can be a headband, bandana, hat, wristband, blindfold, bag, ponytail/bun scrunchie, balaclava, scarf…

It’s thin enough to be worn under a motorcycle helmet (one of the main reasons I bought my first one), and if it’s chilly try the Polar Buff as the microfibre bit goes under your helmet and has an additional 20 cm of fleece to go round your neck.  Ideal for keeping those hailstones off your bare skin.

Other Buff styles include the Combi (basically just the fleece bit of a Polar with a drawstring to turn it into a hat), the Visor (Original with a nifty little neoprene peak to keep the sun out of your eyes), the Top Buff (bigger to be used as a top or skirt, although is a bit see through and only for the daring lady!).  Buffs also come in smaller sizes for children and babies.

Okay; where do you get them? You can buy them from high street shops, usually shops that sell walking / camping / cycling / motorcycling / snowboarding stuff. If you go to the Links Page you will find some sites I’ve found that have more info on Buffs and sell Buffs online.

The old Buff logo

And last but by no means least, a huge thank you to Jools and everyone at Buffera UK for all your support over the years!

A Buff Washday…